Nat with Josey and Toad on the way to Homer. 

DITR in front of their cabin.

Vicka chowing down on her favorite dish at Sal's! 

 With a dear friend Mac

 Some of the horses on the ranch.

 Matthew and Nat. :)

 He is a commercial fisherman and he captains his own boat.

 Vicka with a friends baby goat. 

 Nat with a baby bunny.

Some of our Alaskan family. :) 

Alaska State Fair 75th Anniversary 

Performing on the Colony Stage on Sunday

Performing on Wednesday

Nat and her parents on a hike to the Russian River Falls

 Sherin and Teri Grimes came up to celebrate their 34th Wedding Anniversary!

 Nat, Vicka, Matt, and Mom and Dad passing Gull Island on the
ferry on the way to Seldovia!

Vicka, Matt, and Nat hiking in Seldovia

Nat in typical Alaskan dress. 

 Digging for clams. 

 Nat got a clam!!

 Vicka diving in after a clam.

Going Clamming!

Cover of the HC Magazine

Nat usual.

Performing on the ranch at the Summer Soltice Festival

Diamonds in the Rough

On the boat to Seldovia (which is in the background) 

Seldovia is a beautiful place!

On one of the beaches in Seldovia.

Performing at the Summer Soltice Music Festival in Seldovia!



Our Cabin

 Here is the plane we flew from Chicago to Seattle on.

 Our boat the Westerdam

 Chandelier in the atrium on board.

 Vicka on the deck docked in Seattle.

 Dessert with actual gold dust on it.

State Capitol Juneau

The MS Westerdam

Beautiful Scenery in Alaska
Vicka and Nat, with Jory Hutchens of Blue Lonesome,
in the halls at Itchin' to Pick 2011

Jamming at Itchin' to Pick 2011 held at the Galt House in
Louisville, Kentucky

Nat and Vicka

Diamonds in the Rough

She may LOOK innocent......but its usually her fault!