Our Story

Natalie Grimes, 18, and Victoria Ingersoll, 24, have known each other several years.  They met at their church, Plainfield Bible Church, but it wasn't until about two years ago that they really became good friends.  The girls did your usual "get together and hang out" stuff as well as went to some movies together.  It was actually because of a movie that the whole idea of forming a band with each other came up.  After a movie one night Natalie and Victoria, along with some other friends, went out to eat.  Natalie was explaining how she had been searching for a young lady to play guitar with her, but how she just hadn't had much luck.  Then Victoria's younger brother Jonathan spoke up saying, "Hey Vicka plays guitar!"   Natalie didn't even know that little tid bit about Vicka, so she was very excited to hear this news.  They hinted a little to parents on both sides. The girls got to know each other better, and Natalie officially offered Vicka the spot.   Vicka accepted knowing that learning a new genre of guitar was not going to be easy.  However, Vicka has learned tons over the last two months and both of the girls are starting to get very excited for their departure date of May 7!!  Now you may be saying "What departure date?"  Well, in order to explain how the girls got invited to Alaska for 4 months, we need to back track just a bit.

Back in 2008, The Grimes Girls performed at a large conference held in Indianapolis for all the 4-H Extension Educators in the country.  Among the attenders were Carrol and JoAnne Martin, owners of the Diamond M Ranch in Alaska.  JoAnne approached The Grimes Girls that evening with the proposition of coming to work at her ranch while performing around the state for the summer of 2009.  Well, The Grimes Girls were pretty new to the whole performing scene at the time, and Kathleen had just gotten a full time job.  After a little prayer, they decided to turn the offer down.  Little did they know that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would come around yet again!  JoAnne called The Grimes Girls back in 2010 to see about them coming to work at the ranch and tour the state the summer of 2011.  Kathleen knew that with her full time job, and her wedding coming up in December of 2010, that it would not be wise for her to accept.  JoAnne then asked if there was a way that Natalie could start a new group and still come.  Well, after lots of prayer and lots of searching Natalie did just that.  So that is how "Diamonds in the Rough" was formed and how these two young girls get to spend an adventuresome summer in Alaska.

Please remember to pray for the girls safety as well as their witness on the road.  They want to go as "Diamonds" to a "Rough" world that needs a Godly shining light.  One reason they named their band this, is because as Christians, they truly believe they are "Diamonds in the Rough".  They also named their group this, because even though it is a new group,  the group itself is a "Diamond in the Rough".  The girls are very grateful to everyone who has helped them get this far.   They are ready to shine all the way from Indiana to Alaska!!