Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Diamonds in the Rough was born

Hi! I am Natalie Grimes. You may say "Hey, that sounds familiar." That's because I am one of The Grimes Girls. (see links)

Recently, The Grimes Girls got an awesome offer to go to Alaska for a little over 4 months. We would go to work on a ranch there, and to perform around the state. As you who are followers of The Grimes Girls know, Kat just got married in December. Naturally, she doesn't want to pick up for 4 months to go that far away from her hubby. However, I decided to accept and find someone who would be willing to take Kitty's place for that time. Hence, I formed Diamonds in the Rough. The Grimes Girls will still be performing together, so no worries! :) Victoria Ingersoll is a good friend of mine. I found out she played classical guitar, and asked if she would be willing to learn bluegrass and Celtic guitar. She said yes. :) We then asked her parents if she could go to Alaska for 4 1/2 months with me. They said yes! :) I have been working with Vicka for about a month, and she is making great leaps and bounds in the world of bluegrass playing.

So, that is how Diamonds in the Rough came into being.

Now Vicka and I are preparing to go on an adventure of a lifetime in the great state of Alaska!! We hope that you all will join us on this awesome experience with your support and prayers. Also, don't forget to log back in to hear Vicka's side of the story. :)

And don't be afraid to spread the word about our group. Diamonds in the Rough is a new group that is ready to shine!!
Nat Grimes