Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pictures Coming Soon

Please be patient with us! We are working on getting more pictures put up, but we are still really busy!  I am going to try to get some up on our facebook page today, but it takes a long time to upload them to the blog so be patient and they will be coming! :)  Thanks!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick Turn Around

Well, like I said.  Last week we had a show in Homer, the next day we got on a boat for Seldovia,  we got back from Seldovia late on Sunday night.  Had a VERY busy day on the ranch Monday.  Had the Summer Soltice Festival on the ranch on Tuesday........(we both worked over a 14 hr day along with performing twice on that day).  Wednesday was a day full of heavy clean up, today (Thursday)  there was lots to still be done on the ranch, along with unpacking, laundry and repacking.......yes I said repacking....because we head out for another festival tomorrow morning!!!!!!  So needless to say, that is why you have not seen many posts or pictures here lately.  We barely have had time to sleep and eat! :)  lol 

Once we get back from Granite Creek Bluegrass Celebration, we will be able to sit down and upload some pictures from the last two weeks.  Also, stay tuned for some interesting posts about some pretty funny events that have happened these last two weeks. 

I did something for the first time last week in Homer! Something in all my 14 yrs. of playing violin/fiddle that I have NEVER done!!!!!! :)  So be sure to check back and find out what I did. 

Until then, pray for safe travels and great weather!! THANKS!

~ Nat~

Seldovia Summer Soltice Music Festival

Well this last week we not only had a show in Homer, but also a weekend in Seldovia.  The festival in Seldovia was and absolute BLAST!!  We met a lot of great people and our show went very well.  We had a few glitches along the way, but nothing that the Lord didn't just smooth right over. 

I can't wait to tell about some really cool things that happened last weekend, but for now you are just going to have to hold your horses, because I am super busy and don't have time to type a lot.  If your wondering why I/we are so busy just read the post above!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gig in Homer

Today we are heading to Homer, AK!  We are very excited, because this is our first trip to Homer.  Several people have told us we will love it, and we are certainly looking forward to it. 

Tonight we will be supporting Debbie Brown, candidate for borough mayor here in Kenai, at the Voices of Freedom Ice Cream Social.  We were very excited to get the offer to go on the road and make some appearances with her.  Debbie is a conservative politician and a born again Christian.  We are happy to support her along her campaign trial. 

Stay tune for updates on this VERY busy festival weekend.  Because the tomorrow morning we hop on a ferry from Homer to go to a festival in Seldovia! Thanks for your prayers! :)


Friday, June 10, 2011

This Weekend

Ok, well this weekend we have two special shows. One for Sonora Martin, who lives here on the ranch and is turning 8, and one for Silvia, who also lives here with the Martins as an exchange student.  Sonora is a fiery red head just like me. :)  We get along quite well.  Silvia and us became good friends quickly.  We are sad she has to go so soon after we have gotten here.  I am excited to get to have these two low key shows before we jump head long into the next two weeks. 

We will be traveling a lot the next two weeks to a couple different festivals.  I am excited to get to see more of Alaska, and I know Vicka is too. 

We are both doing well and still enjoying ourselves.  We miss everyone back home but we are not overly homesick.  Thanks for you support and prayers! Keep them coming! :)


Saturday, June 4, 2011


We are having lots of fun here.   It has been raining lots lately so we feel slightly like we are living in London but it is making everything REALLY green. :)  Our cabin is coming along really well.  We will post more pictures as soon as we finish up some details and clean it up a bit.  It certainly looks like two teenage girls cabin right now. lol :)  We have made several friends here and that has been nice. 

We are working lots on the ranch, and have had to deal with some interesting experiences.  We had to skin a llama yesterday.  It was killed by three dogs, which are now dead as well.  It is very different up here.  If an animal, domesticated or not, attacks anything on your property it is 100% acceptable to hunt them down and kill them.  The state troopers here even help you.  So some of the ranch hands took care of the dogs while we got to skin the llama.  Nat has skinned things before so it was not much different for her, but Vicka got a first time experience out of the deal.  :)  Now we will be spending time soon cooking up all the llama meet we got from him.

Well that is about it for now.  We have 4 shows this weekend.  We are a bit worn out, but we are pushing through and just trying to enjoy every minute.  We miss everyone back home!  Thanks to all our new fans as well.  You guys are really great.  People were not joking when they said everyone in Alaska is very nice.  Thanks for taking us in and supporting us!