Saturday, June 4, 2011


We are having lots of fun here.   It has been raining lots lately so we feel slightly like we are living in London but it is making everything REALLY green. :)  Our cabin is coming along really well.  We will post more pictures as soon as we finish up some details and clean it up a bit.  It certainly looks like two teenage girls cabin right now. lol :)  We have made several friends here and that has been nice. 

We are working lots on the ranch, and have had to deal with some interesting experiences.  We had to skin a llama yesterday.  It was killed by three dogs, which are now dead as well.  It is very different up here.  If an animal, domesticated or not, attacks anything on your property it is 100% acceptable to hunt them down and kill them.  The state troopers here even help you.  So some of the ranch hands took care of the dogs while we got to skin the llama.  Nat has skinned things before so it was not much different for her, but Vicka got a first time experience out of the deal.  :)  Now we will be spending time soon cooking up all the llama meet we got from him.

Well that is about it for now.  We have 4 shows this weekend.  We are a bit worn out, but we are pushing through and just trying to enjoy every minute.  We miss everyone back home!  Thanks to all our new fans as well.  You guys are really great.  People were not joking when they said everyone in Alaska is very nice.  Thanks for taking us in and supporting us!



  1. Hey, girls :) This is Joanne...we met at Kenai Feeds this afternoon. We would love it if you would honor us with your presence/music at church tomorrow! We are at Calvary Baptist in Ninilchik. Just get on the highway and head toward Homer. We're on the left across from the General Store (about 30-40 minutes from Kenai). If you want another good closer alternative, try Soldotna Baptist. I've never been there myself, but Steve says it's behind Sportsman's Warehouse somewhere. I know it's good, just too far for us on a regular basis. Good chatting with you today! God bless!


  2. I am sorry we did not receive your message in time to get back with you about Sunday. We had 4 shows this last weekend and it was VERY busy for us! :) We were actually already committed to play at another church this past Sunday but maybe in the near future we can make it out to your church. The next two Sundays we are busy, but after that we might be able to work something out. :)